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Certified Translations & MEA/Apostille Attestation for relocating to the United States of America

Being the 3rd largest country - both landmass and population wise, United States of America, a federal republic of 50 states in the North American Continent has got everything from the arid deserts in the South to the beautiful Pacific coastline in the West, from Rocky Mountains in the North to some of the best cities of the world in the East. With a total population exceeded only by China and India, the US is identified to have an extraordinary diversity in ethnic and racial heritage.  Although the country is relatively new to the global world, its rapid growth since the 18th century has been unprecedented which has made the US, the World Power due to almost all factors including the world’s largest economy, the biggest military budget, largest coal reserves, world’s best criminal justice, healthcare and education systems and so forth.
It is no surprise that the US media has a global audience along with its world-famous television shows, music videos and Hollywood movies. The US continues to sustain an economic life that is more diversified than any other country on earth, providing the majority of its people with one of the world’s highest standards of living and opportunities for unparalleled personal advancement and wealth.

Important provinces of America

Washington D.C. (D.C. – District of Columbia), capital city of the United States is a working federal city, an international metropolis, a picturesque tourist destination, an unmatched treasury of the country’s history and artifacts, and a cosmopolitan centre that retains a neighborly small-town vicinity. Much of the fascination towards Washington is accredited to the hundreds of outdoor sculptures and monuments that adorn the parks, gardens, buildings, avenues, and cemeteries of the city.

The population of America is just as extensive as its climates, landscapes, flora and fauna. If you prefer the rugged mountains, isolation and an artic climate, then you will find your perfect vacation in Alaska. Those of you who prefer the sun, beaches and a tropical climate will find everything they want and more in Florida.

The most popular regions among foreign migrants are:

  1. California is occupied with well-known cities like San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles and the world-famous Hollywood glam of course. Silicon Valley in California is also an important IT and high-tech hub of the nation.
  2. New York or the ‘Big Apple’, being the biggest metropolis with 4.5 million immigrants attracts the maximum number of foreigners from across the world towards its big financial institutions, overcrowded streets, exploding housing prices and expensive restaurants, with the centre being Manhattan.
  3. Texas, the cowboy and barbeque-loving state is the 2nd largest and the 2nd most populated state, with the 2nd highest economy in the United States that is boosted by its oil companies and the growing tech-industry.
  4. Florida also known as the ‘Sunshine State’, is known for the Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Tampa and the area around Naples on the west coast. Agriculture and tourism are the biggest factors driving Florida’s economy.

Study Abroad options in the US

There are approximately 3,000 higher-education institutions in the United States, maximum of which teach courses in English language, making comprehension feasible for students from various linguistic backgrounds.

No doubt the US has the world’s largest population of international students, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to expand their education and life experience in the United States.  Studying in one of America’s many cities is the best way to enrich your cultural as well as intellectual brains. New York City, San Francisco and Boston are arguably the most popular destinations for studying abroad in the US that inspire many students to become bigger and better.

Sure, American Universities may rank as some of the most expensive in the world but do not let that deter you from studying in one of the world’s best universities. There are a number of scholarships that can help you cope with high costs.

Two most popular Scholarships are:

  1. The Academic Scholarship Award with InTuition that covers costs of a full four-year program for UK or Irish students studying at an American liberal-arts institution.
  2. Federal Pell grants are great for international graduate students.

The country is home to some of the world’s top Universities and Institutions including:

  1. Harvard University, Cambridge
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
  3. Stanford University, Stanford
  4. University of California, Berkeley
  5. Columbia University, New York City
  6. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
  7. University of Washington, Seattle
  8. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  9. Princeton University, Princeton
  10. Yale University, New Haven
  11. University of California, Los Angeles
  12. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  13. University of California, San Francisco
  14. University of Chicago, Chicago
  15. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Applying for a Student Visa:

Applying to stay in the US for a lasting period of time is tedious. The government is quite strict and demanding, but if you submit all required documents and adhere to the American government’s instructions, studying in the US will become an easy chore.  Your course of study and the type of school you plan to attend determine whether you need an F Visa or an M Visa.

F Visa is granted to students studying in the following categories:

  • University or College
  • High School
  • Private Elementary School
  • Seminary
  • Conservatory
  • Another academic institution, including a language training program

M Visa is for students willing to pursue a Vocational or other recognized non-academic institution, other than a language training program.

For short periods of recreational study, a Visitor (B) Visa may be appropriate that permits enrolment in a short recreational course of study, which is not for credit toward a degree or academic certificate.

How to apply for a Student Visa?

1. Fill the online Visa Application form (Form DS-160), keep a printed application with you for future reference
2. Schedule an interview with the US Embassy or Consulate of your country
3. Pay the (non-refundable) application fees, usually $160
4. Gather the required documents including:

  • A valid Passport
  • Non-immigrant Visa Application confirmation page
  • Application fees payment receipt
  • Your passport-size photographs
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Students, Form I-20 or Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (M-1) Student Status for Vocational Students (Form I-20 will be sent by your institution once they have registered your data in their records)
  • Additional documents like your Marksheets, Degree/Diploma Certificates, Birth Certificate, PCC, Test Scores, Proof of Finances like Bank Statement and so forth are also required

5. Attend your Interview and after getting selected, pay the Visa Issuance Fee to receive your Passport and Visa.

All your personal documents are required to go through a daunting legalization procedure before finally being presented in the US Embassy or Consulate for Visa Application process. The legalization process is done by the home country of the applicant.

How can we help you?

In India, HRD/Home Ministries and the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi perform the required authorization procedure by attesting the personal documents of the candidate. Before the attestation from HRD/Home Ministries and Apostillation from the Ministry of External Affairs, the concerned Embassy usually asks candidates to get some of their documents translated from a particular language to English or any other language, as per their country’s requirement. 

The entire documentation procedure is pretty long and time consuming and may put a hole in your pockets if you get them done from various different agencies that may not even provide you with genuine services. However, we at Advika Translations have been providing genuine and high-quality services to all our clients since over 2 decades now and have been regarded as the best Certified Translations, MEA/Apostille Attestation and Visa Application documentation provider, not only by our individual clients but also by many Embassies and Ministries across the nation. 

Our translated documents are accepted by embassies, government bodies, educational institutions, private/public corporate houses and courts of law across the world. Our team of native linguistic professionals, proof-readers, quality assurance experts and desktop publishing unit have been providing unmatched certified translation services of the following documents since 2001: 

  • Birth/Death certificates 
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 
  • Marksheets/Transcripts 
  • Degree/Diploma certificate  
  • Medical certificates  
  • Bank statement  
  • Marriage certificate Certified translations
  • Divorce Decree 
  • Single Status Affidavit 
  • Passport/Visa 
  • Insurance documents  
  • Tax records  
  • Driving License and more 

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Certified translations & MEA/Apostille Attestation for studying abroad in the Federal Republic of Germany

Federal Republic of Germany is one of Europe’s largest country with a wide variety of landscapes from the perfectly tall mountains of the south to the sandy, rolling plains of the north; from the forested hills of the urbanized west to the plains of the agricultural east, Germany has it all. It is also the second most-populated country in Europe, after Russia and the most populous nation of the European Union, with a population of about 83 million people. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany comprises of 16 states and is well known for being the largest economy in Europe and one of the biggest in world. With an interesting and rich history portrayed by the old-fashion and colourful architecture, castles, palaces, cathedrals and monuments, its landscapes, mountains and forests, mouth-watering food and beer, Germany remains one of the top destinations in the world for both domestic and international travellers.

Typically, when we talk about Germany, among the first things that come to our minds are Hitler, the Berlin Wall, sausages and beer. However, Germany is not just about that. Travellers who have visited the country know that it is actually not only an economically and politically powerful country, but it also has a rich culture, with a population that has an extraordinary respect for tradition, history and humanity.

Major cities of Germany

Berlin, the capital and the largest city of Germany is the most populous city of the European Union with a population of about 4.5 million inhabitants residing in its metropolitan area. About one-third of the city comprises of forests, parks, gardens, lakes, rivers and canals. Berlin is best known for its internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, numerous cafés, clubs, bars, street art, and several museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest.

Frankfurt, the business and financial centre of Germany is well known for its futuristic skyline and busiest German Airport. Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange. Wealthy bankers, students and granola drop-outs coexist in the city of some of the highest, most avant-garde skyscrapers of Europe next to well-maintained ancient architecture.

Munich, located at the banks of river Isar, is known for its architecture, fine culture, the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration, its vibrant cultural scene and museums. Munich is a major international centre of business, engineering, research and medicine illustrated by the presence of two research universities, a large number of colleges, headquarters of numerous multinational companies and world-class technology and science museums like the Deutsches Museum and BMW Museum. It is Germany's most prosperous city and is repeatedly ranked among the top 10 cities with global quality-of-life rankings.

Education in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular education destinations in the world and with its trendy student cities and low or no tuition fees, it’s not hard to recognize why. German education is internationally recognized so it doesn’t matter how long you have available, or your language ability, there will be a German study abroad option suitable for you that will not only provide a great time studying in Germany, but you will also be able to bolster your CV. In fact, according to recent study, Germany has been ranked as the best study abroad country in accordance with education, standard and cost of living and career perspectives.

German study abroad programs are fantastic, and whether you want to study in English or German, medical literature or architecture, there will be a German study abroad option for you. The German international institutions have almost 2,000 programs available to choose from, including 1,389 programs in English. German universities also offer the opportunity to start some courses in English for the first two to four semesters and then change to German. This allows you to study in English while improving your proficiency in German, particularly as your university may offer additional German language classes.

Germany has many historical and contemporary locations where students may pursue their studies, each having its unique potential benefits. However, following are the most favoured cities among international students:

  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
  • Berlin
  • Dusseldorf
  • Mannheim

Top ranked Universities in Germany as per QS World University Rankings are:

  1. Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  2. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Humboldt University Berlin
  5. Freie Universität Berlin
  6. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  7. RWTH Aachen University
  8. Technische Universität Berlin
  9. Technische Universität Dresden
  10. University of Freiberg

Germany surpasses major student friendly countries like the US and the UK by a long way because of the following reasons:

  1. Universities offer a large number of courses in English language: Today about 150 universities out of 400 offer programs completely in English, making Germany the second country to offer maximum number of courses in English language after the Netherlands.
  2. Outdoor activities are pretty popular in Germany, including sports, hiking, cycling, skiing and more, so students who consider themselves athletic are going to fit in just fine. As most international students choose to live in metropolises, they’ll find lots of activities to fill their spare time; hanging out in bars, clubbing, theatre and cinema are all part of student life in Germany.
  3. State Universities in Germany charge very less no tuition fees, even from international students.
  4. Graduate unemployment rate in Germany (2.3%) is lower than in any other European nation.
  5. Germany is a well-developed country that offers thousands of new jobs every day, giving majority of international students the possibility of finding a decent job to support their living costs.
  6. Another big advantage of living in Germany is the excellent public transport, which is efficient, safe and fast. As an additional perk of studying in Germany, you get a travel card for free by paying enrolment and administrative taxes that are dramatically low.  
  7. Finally, after completing your studies in Germany, you’ll have the chance to stay on for an additional period of 18 months and seek work. You may even end up staying longer, if that’s what you wish.

Let us help you

Now that you’ve made your mind of studying in Germany, let Advika Translations help you in fulfilling your study abroad dreams in the country that provides innumerable benefits to international students for realizing their ambitions. We help our clients in all the steps of acquiring German Study Visas by providing services of Certified Translations, MEA/Apostille Attestation and Visa DocumentationAssistance. All these procedures are vital in order to obtain the authorization from the Embassy of Germany to study in any of its institution/university. You must immediately begin the procedure to apply for Study Visa in Germany after having received your confirmation letter from the University that you applied for.

The first step is to gather all the documents as asked by your university and get them translated into English or German language, as mentioned in the guidelines. It is thereafter important to get all those documents attested and Apostilled by the HRD/Home Ministries and the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi before finally applying for Student Visa in the Visa Office.

All these steps are really exhausting and time consuming and may feel a burden on your head so, we provide an accumulation of all these services under one roof to help in attaining Schengen Visas to students, employees, job-seekers, businessmen, friends/relatives of residents and individuals travelling for leisure in Germany and other European countries, since 2001 now. We deal directly with the appointed agents by the State Ministries of Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Punjab, Haryana, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kerala or Karnataka and more; the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, the Embassy of Germany and the Consulate General of Germany for getting the documents attested and authenticated by the concerned authorities. Since Germany is a member of the Hague Convention, it demands your documents to be Apostilled and Translated in German/English Language. Apostille Attestation is the proof that the documents are genuine and can be verified anywhere in the member states of the Hague Convention. Universities, government institutions, firms, court houses and the Embassy of Germany require your attested documents to be translated in German/English language for their better comprehension and acceptance across Germany. We provide genuine Apostille Attestation and Certified Translations of the following documents that are well accepted by all government and non-government organizations of the nation:

  • Birth/Death Certificates
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificates
  • Marriage/Divorce Certificates
  • Single Status Affidavits
  • Degree/Diploma Certificates
  • Passport/Visa
  • Tax records
  • Insurance documents
  • Bank statement
  • Driving license and more

Our German/English Translations are conducted by native linguistic experts and verified by our team of exceptionally qualified reviewers, senior proof-readers, quality assurance supervisors and desktop publishing team that work eminently to provide personalized and effective services to each and every client without discrimination.

To know more about the prospects of education, employment and migration in the Federal Republic of Germany, connect with us via Call/WhatsApp or Email.


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Certified Translations & MEA/Apostille Attestation for Study Visa in Australia

Australia or Commonwealth of Australia is the smallest continent (also known as the Oldest Continent) and the 6th largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada, USA, China & Brazil) situated between the Pacific and Indian oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. The country is divided into six states namely; Southern Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania and two self-governing territories; Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory (which is around Canberra, the capital city). Most of the country’s population lives in the eastern and southern cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, that are along or close to the coastline.

Australia, the land of dreams, is a spectacular charmer along the coast where you can explore vibrant multicultural cities, vast sand islands, ancient rainforests and one of the planet’s most spectacular natural wonders. Popular Australian destinations include the coastal cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as other high-profile destinations including regional Queensland, the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest reef. The distinctive Australian wildlife is another considerable point of interest in the country's tourism. Besides, as a visitor you can enjoy vibrant café scenes, live music and festivals, amazing wine tastings and some of the finest dining in the world.

Capital City

Canberra, the capital of Australia is the country’s largest inland city and 8th largest city in the entire province, that offers a great variety of attractions and experiences all with close proximity to accommodation and transport. Canberra has something to appeal everyone from solo travelers, couples, families and groups who are curious, adventurous, foodies and explorers. Being home to Australian National Collection, the city offers significant culture, art and history throughout its museums, galleries and archives. You can also discover embassies, landmarks, markets, shopping malls, great food and wine in the city.


Australians or Aussies being a combination of multiple ethic origins are well-known for their relaxed, easy going nature so much so that you will be surprised to see the Aussies at ease in situations that may seem dangerous or uncomfortable to you. One major reason behind their serenity and toughness is that they’ve come to develop themselves in an environment where pretty much every animal could kill you, from spiders, snakes and jellyfish to tiny octopuses and even cone shells. It’s an undeniable fact that the Aussies are really warm and friendly people, who genuinely care about other people’s well-being.

Study Abroad in Australia

Deciding where to study abroad can be a difficult decision to make but not after having known the rich and diversified culture and environment that awaits you in the country of multiple oceans, amazing hiking trails, and high-tech cities.

Following are some reasons why you should choose to study in Australia:

  1. Australia’s universities are often demonstrated in the annual international rankings, which is a testimony of their quality and commitment to support and welcome international students.
  2. The tuition and housing fees are also pretty reasonable across cities that provide shelter to the educational institutions and colleges.
  3. It’s possible to take up a number of part-time jobs and internships that immensely help you to fund your stay abroad that paves the way to a better understanding of important skills you need as a modern-day employee, including theoretical knowledge, practical abilities, soft skills, digital know-how and so on.
  4. Most cities have dedicated student centres that are ready to help you with any issue regarding legal rights, getting a job, networking, finding accommodation, and so forth.
  5. Studying in Australia is one of the best choices for those seeking a diverse experience, beautiful landscapes, and even better food.
  6. The hiking and backpacking are the best in the world, and most animals found here are native only to Australia.
  7. Adventurous spirits, science majors and environmental biologists are drawn towards Australia’s endless opportunities to travel and explore the unexplored barren lands and rare creatures that roam across the countryside.
  8. Australia is a wonderful destination for students from almost every discipline including history, English, mathematics, communications, and veterinary science.

No matter what you decide to study, you will assuredly find a suitable program in an Australian University. You can find courses specializing in domains from Natural Sciences and Engineering to Social and Medical Sciences.

Following are some of the most popular study options that you can choose in Australian Universities:

  1. Masters in Computer Science
  2. Masters in Nursing
  3. Masters in Finance
  4. Masters in Accounting
  5. Masters in Environmental Sciences

You can choose from about 30 student cities, that provide incredible educational and leisure activities to international students.

Some of the best cities are mentioned below:

  1. Brisbane
  2. Adelaide
  3. Perth
  4. Melbourne
  5. Sydney
  6. Canberra
  7. Hobart
  8. Darwin

Australia, the "island continent" doesn't lack in extraordinary attributes and its quality of education ranks among the highest in the world. Home to many colleges, institutions and universities, Australia boasts universities like the University of Melbourne (established in the 1800’s), the University of Queensland (popular among research students and famous for its advanced medical programs) and the University of Sydney (regarded among the top 0.3% Universities of the world). In fact, there are over 41 Universities, most of which are public universities that offer degrees of Bachelor’s, Research Masters, Professional Masters and Vocational Training & Educational Programs.

Some of the most prestigious Universities in Australia are:

  1. University of Tasmania
  2. University of Newcastle
  3. James Cook University
  4. University of Wollongong
  5. Southern Cross University
  6. University of Southern Queensland
  7. Australian Catholic University
  8. RMIT University
  9. The University of Western Australia

In order to get admission in any program of an Australian University, it is important for an aspirant to prove his/her proficiency in English language.

One of the following exams must be cleared by the applicant in order to be eligible for a program in an Australian Institution/University:

  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

Before applying for a Student Visa in Australia, the applicant must present the evidence of the following:

  1. Proof of financial capacity to cover the living cost and tuition fees
  2. English proficiency
  3. Required level of education

While applying for a Student Visa, the following documents must be available with the candidate besides the above-mentioned ones:

  1. Confirmation of Enrolment with a University/Institution
  2. A health insurance policy
  3. Passport that should be valid up to until your entire stay in Australia
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  6. Any other documents as per Embassy of Australia’s requirements for your particular type of Visa

Visa Application can be submitted as early as 120 days from the commencement of your program in Australia. Once your application is complete and submitted, it usually takes as less as one week to as long as a couple of weeks for the Australian Immigration Authorities to review your application. The status of your application can be checked by logging into the immigration website i.e.,

What we do?

The entire Visa Application process can be a challenging task for the first timers who are denounced by manipulative imposters who pretend to be genuine service providers and hence we recommend you to do a good background check of the agent/agency before sharing your important information and papers. We at AdvikaTranslations have been providing genuine and high-quality services to all our clients since over 2 decades now and have been regarded as the best CertifiedTranslations, MEA/Apostille Attestation and Visa Application documentation provider, not only by our individual clients but also by many Embassies and Ministries across India. We specialize in translating to and from the following languages Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Urdu, Persian, Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic and Turkish to name a few. Our translated documents are accepted by embassies, government bodies, educational institutions, private/public corporate houses and courts of law across the world.

Our team of native linguistic professionals, proof-readers, quality assurance experts and desktop publishing unit have been providing unmatched certified translation services of the following documents since 2001:

  • Birth/Death certificates
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Marksheets/Transcripts
  • Degree/Diploma certificate
  • Medical certificates
  • Bank statement
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Single Status Affidavit
  • Passport/Visa
  • Insurance documents
  • Tax records
  • Driving License and more
We also assist in getting these documents Attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, India and the respective State Embassy.

For more details regarding our services, visit our Website or reach out to us through Call/WhatsApp or Email.


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Certified Translations & MEA Attestation for the Republic of Turkey

Turkey, the largest peninsula that extends from west to east between the European and Asian continents, is surrounded on three sides by the sea namely; the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea and yet shares borders with 8 countries namely Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Nakhchivan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Home to aesthetic architecture, alluring national parks and countless beautiful destinations, the country draws the attention of tourists from across the world. Although Ankara is the capital of the nation, Istanbul being the largest city, pretenses to be the country’s economic, cultural and historic center with a population of over 15 million people, that makes it the most populous city of Europe. The culture of Turkey is excessively diverse and is a peculiar fusion of traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Eastern European and the Caucasian civilization, most of which were brought together by the Ottoman Empire (between the 14th and early 20th Centuries), a multi-ethic and a multi-religious state. Today, the major ethnic group residing in the nation comprises of Turks and the official language spoken is Turkish but various other languages too are widely spoken in the country namely English, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Circassian, Georgian, Kurdish, Greek and Neo-Aramaic to name a few.

Opportunities for Indians in Turkey

The Turkish culture is extremely warm and welcoming and the Turkish society is making numerous efforts to establish better relations with Indians by promoting tourism, and educational and employment/business opportunities for Indian nationals. Owing to this operation, many Indian firms including Reliance Industries, Tata Motors & Indorama have been able to establish their branches in big metropolitan cities of Turkey. Many Multinational Corporations are hiring Indian doctors and computer engineers to work with their prestigious branch offices spread across the Turkish Empire.

Moreover, with the growing trend of globalization, the country is building links with various English-speaking economies and hence, Turkish schools and institutions are hiring multiple English language experts as teachers from across the world, for students of all ages. All you need is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate Course after Graduation and an experience of a few classroom teachings to get a prime tutor’s job in hotspots like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir.

To begin your TEFL job in Turkey, search through the following sites:

  • Go Overseas
  • i-to-i
  • International TEFL Academy
  • Teach Away
  • Job Seeker

Besides education industry, tourism, manufacturing, construction, finance, sales, IT, telecommunication and other service sectors too put forward innumerable employment opportunities for international job seekers.

While jobs in English language teaching and tourism profession are easily accessible to foreign students and new-comers, with substantial amount of salaries, it is highly advisable to get a little grasp over the Turkish language to succeed in other fields of work.

Like in any other overseas nation, in Turkey too you’ll need a prerequisite confirmation of work in order to obtain a work permit before entering the country. There are a significant number of online sites where you can choose from thousands of employment opportunities matching your skills and interests. Some of them are mentioned below for your help:

  • – Jobs in Turkey
  • Jobs in Istanbul
  • Total jobs – Jobs in Turkey
  • Marmaris Recruitment
  • iSKUR

Voluminous amounts of Summer Jobs are available for students, tourists and part-time job seekers who can take the lavish taste of Turkish culture while making some money. You’re most likely to find jobs in and around Turkey in Global Companies like Google, Vodafone, Red Bull and Colgate. You can visit the following sites to find your perfect getaway jobs:

  • iAgora
  • Learn4Good – Summer Jobs in Turkey
  • SeasonWorkers
  • Adecco Turkey
  • Go Overseas
  • Graduateland
Education opportunities in Turkey

Apart from the numerous work opportunities, foreign students have the privilege to choose from over 60,000 programs in 207 Universities to choose from for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral Degree, making Turkey the first country with the maximum number of students in European Higher Education Area. And since life in Turkey is more affordable than in most other countries, living a student’s life becomes all the more easier. In addition, students in Turkey are given heavy discounts on transportation and cinema tickets, accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment are available at affordable rates too. Most programs are available in both languages, Turkish and English so you need not worry about the linguistic barriers. Although, Turkish is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world, so we supremely recommend you to take a few Turkish language classes while your stay in the country of deep-rooted and countless civilizations to take a taste of its mosaic of cultures.

Despite Turkish Higher Education being one among the youngest establishments, two of Turkey’s universities have already been able to set up their positions in the QS World University Rankings Top 500. The tuition fees depend on which city and which university you choose. The bigger cities are certainly more expensive than the smaller ones. Public universities usually charge much lower fees than private universities that are allowed to set their own fees which may go up to as high as TRY 110,000 per annum whereas, public universities charge between TRY 1,600 – TRY 9,000 per annum. However, private universities offer numerous benefits to international students which include tuition fee waiver, monthly allowances and health insurance coverage.

Popular Graduation courses in Turkey:

  1. Biology
  2. Computer Science
  3. Economics
  4. Film
  5. Finance
  6. Graphic Design
  7. History
  8. Industrial design
  9. Interior Design
  10. International Relations
  11. Law
  12. Mathematics
  13. Psychology
  14. Software Engineering
  15. Sports Management

Popular Master’s courses in Turkey, besides advanced courses of the above-mentioned degree programs:

  1.      MBA
  2.      Mathematics
  3.      Physics


In order to work or study in Turkey, you will be required to obtain a Work/Student Visa that can be at the Turkish Consulate or the Embassy of Turkey in your home country before departing for Turkey. You will be registered as a student at a Turkish University only after having received your Student Visa. You can even apply for permanent residency after living as a student in Turkey for at least one month. The procedure to apply for permanent residency can be undertaken with the help of your respective educational institution. Although, you will be expected to keep handy the following documents:

  1. Evidence of enrolment in a Turkish University
  2. Passport
  3. Student Visa
  4. Passport size photographs
  5. University Fees Amount

Student Visas are usually initially granted for a period of 90 days which are then required to be re-applied on your arrival in Turkey, with the help of your nearest Police Department. Work Permits/Work Visas are granted for 6 months by the Turkish Consulate or the Embassy of Turkey, as requested by your employer, which can later be extended for up to a period of 6 long years. 

Once you have been selected by an institution/appointed by an employer, you must begin the process of Visa Application which includes the submission of the following documents:

  •  Your passport, valid for at least 90 days
  • A completed and signed Turkish Student Visa/Work Visa application form
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Letter of acceptance from your university/employer, including the duration of your stay
  • Proof of travel insurance for your entire stay in Turkey
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of booked flight tickets to Turkey
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support your initial living in Turkey
  • Visa processing fee, this can vary depending on your nationality
  • Proof of accommodation in Turkey
  • Education certificates and documents
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
What we do?

Most of these documents are required to be Attested and Authenticated by the HRD/Home Ministries and the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi and translated into English or Turkish language by a Certified Translations firm before filling them for the Visa Application procedure. All of this is a long and exhausting process and may lead you to make small mistakes that can lead you to lose your chances of realizing your dreams of transposing to the State of Turkey for education or work purposes. We at Advika Translations provide all the services from Certified Translations from over 100 commercial languages to English and Turkish to getting your documents verified by the concerned Ministries, all under one roof and at affordable rates.

Whether you’re based in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Punjab, Haryana, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kerala or Karnataka, our services to you are only as far as the screens of your devices that you’re looking at. All you have to do is share the scanned copies of the documents that you need to get translated. We’ll take care of the rest as our team of exceptionally qualified professionals that include regional linguistic experts, reviewers, senior proof-readers, quality assurance supervisors and desktop publishing team work eminently to provide personalized and effective services to each and every client as your satisfaction has been the key to our success since 2001 now.

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