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Translation Services

Advika Translations provides language translation services in nearly 140 languages including all major and rare languages. Our translation department consists of a network of native professionals specializing in translation and localization for organizations seeking to become a part of the global economy.

We at Advika Translations think that Translation Services is an inevitable requirement to communicate with your target audience, especially customers with different culture and different language. You need to communicate in the native language of the target audience to communicate your message effectively and achieve your objective.

Our team at Advika Translations will not only translate any and all kinds of material, but also make sure that source documents are totally adapted to the target audience/markets by paying special attention to local cultures and traditions. We have translated documents with a wide range of fields including:

In this era of liberalization and globalization, cross-cultural communication becomes mandatory. To fill this language barrier effectively, Advika Translations, has come up with the most accurate and cost-effective translation services. Quality being our forte, we thrive to offer unsurpassed quintessential multi-lingual translation services.

Advika Translations, a translation agency bridges the language and cultural gap through accurate and reliable translation of your contents. We provides expert Translation Services in over 140 languages with unsurpassed quality standards and price.

Our qualified team of translators has expertise and proficiency in their respective fields of languages and is endowed with excellent writing and editing skills as well as good analytical ability.

We owe a huge part of success to our team of experts comprising of more than 4,000 qualified translators as well as legal specialists. Our highly competent translators are bi-lingual native speakers possessing good linguistic skills in their respective languages.

With our advanced research capabilities and valuable language resources, we deliver precise, reliable, quick and transparent services. Besides, to keep the true essence of the text intact and ensure its credibility, we proof read the translated documents multiple times.


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