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Legal Translation

Legal Translation has been described as a combination of literary and technical translation. The documents often have a very specific written style wherein a misplaced comma or inaccurate word choice can have major consequences. That is why we use translators who specialize in legal documents, have legal backgrounds and understand the importance of what they are translating.

We offer Legal Translation Services in all major languages. At our legal translation service division we understand the importance of accurate legal documentation and provide timely translation services with superior quality. Our translators doing legal translations are expert in legal terminology and also have an understanding of the common law and civil legal systems.

Our specialized translation services to the legal profession, include:
v  11 years experience in fulfilling more than 20,000 legal assignments;
v  Over 110 foreign languages translated to/from English;
v  Expert translators with law, engineering and/or science degrees;
v  Notarized certificate of accuracy,
v  Immediate estimates with great accuracy that permits firm quotes whenever feasible;
v  On-site translators, scanners, and  interpreters in more than 70 languages;
v  Same day rush service for one or two page documents;
v  Reviewers for discovery of documents online or on-site for more than 80 languages;
v  Dependability you can count on – delivery on-time, every time from one page personal certificate to massive discovery documentation;
v  Ease of ordering and delivery by e-mail or online – fast process that includes certified translation with verification and certification suitable for court submission.

Here are some of the examples of documents that we have translated which come under our Legal translation service:
§  Trademark Registrations translation
§  Tax filing documents translation
§  Patent Translation
§  Providing trial interpreters
§  Case History Translation
§ Charge Sheets Translation
§ Verdicts of court Translation
§ Legal Contracts Translation
§  General business litigation Translation
§ Licensing agreements Translation
§ Patent applications and litigation translation

Legal Translations pose unique challenges, often due to the different legal systems in different countries. Therefore, a good legal translator must have a sound knowledge of the legal structure in the country of the target text as well as that of the source text. Another vital requirement is not simply knowledge of the terminology used in each language but choosing the appropriate terminology in each case. Advika Translations’ translators are among the best at identifying and meeting these unique challenges.


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